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More than 75% of US online consumers shop on Amazon most of the time

Seventy-six percent of Americans shopping online this holiday season expect to do most of that shopping on Amazon. No other retailer or website is even close to the king of the online jungle. "As much choice or selection as the internet provides, it's just an amazing set of data to see all that concentrated in one online retailer," said Micah Roberts, a partner at research firm Public Opinion Strategies. "It really underscores the dominance in that space." Walmart comes in second, but far behind, with only 8 percent of Americans who shop online searching or checking prices there, with other retailers clumped close behind the discounter. For Americans who shop online, 65 percent search on Amazon always or most of the time, up sharply each of the last 2 sneak a peek at these guys years. Online conversion, or the rate of getting consumers who browse to follow through with a purchase, is notoriously small. Most estimates put the average rate of overall online conversion at around just 3 percent. But Amazon has broken the mold on that one too, according to the results of CNBC's survey, with 57 percent of Amazon searchers buying on the site always or most of the time. When asked what's most important when it comes to online shopping, 43 percent say free shipping.

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